Long Sleeve Waterproof Garden Gloves

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Gardening gloves are essential to have, well, on hand, but make sure the ones you buy will work as hard as you do. These garden gloves for men and women are made up of durable, water-resistant materials—and some even boast beautiful patterns and touchscreen capability. Reach for one of these pairs (as well as a good pair of garden shoes) the next time you're tackling yard work.

 Best Waterproof Garden Gloves

Ideal for handling cactus, pruning roses/berry/prickly bushes, citrus picking.

  • Scientific styrene butadiene rubber padding distributed on the palm to reduce hand fatigue. 
  • Ergonomical design around the palm and fingers allow you to easily grip your garden tools.
  • Extended long sleeve for more considerate protection, lined with soft fabric to protect arms and arms, hands and keep them comfortable. 

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