Chemistry Tubes, Rooting Vases & Propagation Stations

Get creative, get cutting and watch the magical growth of plants and their roots

Many plants can easily regrow when placed in water. This is because plant cells multiply easily. Often one little cutting can result in a brand new plant and best of all many plants grow in just a little bit of water. 

It really is that easy!

So why not get creative, get cutting, and see what plants you can grow in one of our glass setups. 

Suspended Propagation Flasks
from $9.99 $45.99
Flamingo Vase Stands
from $29.99 $41.99

Piccolo Wood Base Vase
$26.99 $30.99
Hanging Bud Vases
from $23.99 $34.99

Contemporary Wall Mounted Propagation Vase
from $12.99 $18.99

Cute Hanging Glass Vases
from $16.99 $22.99
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