January 21, 2020

They are pretty. They are green and – well – They enliven up any space! There is no better guest you can invite in your home than indoor plants. Ever since the global gardening advocacy has extended its branches in ordinary households, more and more homeowners are switching to indoor gardening trends since the last decade. For the year 2020 and so on, a rise in small space gardening is predicted.

Precisely what makes indoor gardening special? Let’s learn all about small space indoor gardening. Shall we?

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Benefits of Indoor Plants

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality Index:

Species like the snake plant, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, and Daisy act as natural air filters to eliminate dust, toxins, and other types of allergens from the indoor air to alleviate AQI levels.
  • Contribute to Global Conservation:

Plants are life. It is a well-established scientific fact that indoor plants not only contribute to balancing the natural concentration of Oxygen in the air but also help in getting rid of environmental toxins from soil and air mainly.
  • Help with Depression and Blues:

Did you know that homeowners who have plants to care for have 40% lesser chances of falling prey to depression and sadness? The Green color of plants has a soothing effect on mental health and boosts energy levels.
  • Low Maintenance Gardening:

Adding plants like the Snake plant in your space will save you from the pain of losing a green friend due to dehydration. Indoor plants are usually fuss-free, and you can add as many succulents as you want to enliven up your bland office or home space.
  • Organic Food Source:

Want to add a personal organic food station in your kitchen? Food plants like carrot, mint, kale, potato, and mushrooms can be grown indoors, and you can take the fresh produce for edible and culinary purposes.

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Small Space Gardening Trends for 2020

Wondering how to incorporate indoor plants in your small space? Ditch the old-school decoration ideas and explore everything new about the small space indoor gardening trends for 2020. Read below:

More Terrariums on Tables

Terrariums are small glass structures that enclose a small ecosystem of indoor plants, usually combined with rocks and other decorative elements. Since the past few years, Terrariums are all the buzz in the indoor gardening world. Setting a diamond-cut terrarium on your kitchen shelves, office desks, bedroom side tables, and study tables can instantly add aesthetic appeal to your space.

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Minimalist/Artistic Vases

Pots have progressed from the traditional clay pots too much eco-friendlier and contemporary ceramic pots. Minimalism, combined with artistry, is another trend on the rise in indoor plant pot styles. Add these in your space for a heightened sense of aesthetics without changing the theme of your indoor decoration.

Origami Pots

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Contemporary Hanging Pots

Want to add some life to your walls? Try the modern hanging pots. Due to their minimalist design, these pots are very low-maintenance and act as an aesthetic focal point in your space. Hanging pots are suitable for herbaceous plants and wines that like to crawl and take up all the space on your wall!

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More Succulents

Succulents are the first-love of any indoor plant lover. Luckily, they are not running out of style any time soon. More indoor cultivars of succulents have been introduced in the past year. Add them in your space for a smooth indoor planting experience.

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The Bottom Line

Small space indoor gardening is an excellent indoor decoration trend for the year 2020. Combining this trend with upcycling is another favor you can do to yourself and nature. Use suitable quality plant materials such as vases and pots for better aesthetics. Fortunately, The Pot Plant Co. is offering the most refreshing collection of indoor plant material online.

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