July 31, 2020

Plants play a crucial role in our eco-system and we cannot deny their importance for a healthy environment. For creating an eco-friendly atmosphere in your house, indoor plants are the best option.

Indoor plants can create a relaxing and peaceful environment in your house. Plants can remove harmful toxins from the air providing you with fresh and clean air. Studies have suggested that a single indoor plant can remove 95% of carbon monoxide from your room

In addition to their role in cleaning the air you breathe, they will also give a classy look to your house. You can use indoor plant pots that are perfect for a tabletop in your lounge. However, if you want something unique and different you can use hanging plant pots.

These hanging plant pots can be used for indoor and outdoor plants. And if you want a more convenient solution for hanging plant pots, you can order our Self Watering Hanging Basket Pot.


Self Watering Hanging Basket Pot


The Self Watering Hanging Basket Pot suits various plants and has a display for water level. So you can keep track of your plant’s water needs.

For a more traditional and trendy look, you can use different wall hanging plant macramé in your house.


What is macramé?

A macramé is a textile product, designed and produced using knotting techniques. It is one of the many crafts that represent the heritage of our ancestors. In the modern era, a large population is interested in creating macramé with their own hands.


The History of Macramé

Using Macramé for decoration purposes is not something new. It is being in use for thousands of years. In the 13th century, Arab weavers created knots at the end of shawls, towels, and veils to finish the excess thread.

In the 1970s, macramé has been widely used in wall hangings, plant hangers, clothing, and other accessories. 

Macramé plant hangers were quite famous in the 1970s and the trend is gaining popularity again. Macramé is a versatile form of fiber artthat can be used in creating wall hangings, plant hangers, and accessories. 

Macrame wall hangers are an important product that can add beauty to any wall. Our Macrame Dream Catcher Tapestry is purely hand-made and is a perfect gift for your friends and family.


Macrame Dream Catcher Tapestry


If you often visit the nursery, you might have seen several plants that are hanging in pots placed in macramé. Our company provides the best macrame plant hangers that can be accommodated to any place and can hold plant pots of different weights and sizes.


Indoor Macrame Plant Hangers


Our 4 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers is perfect for your balcony or any place you want it to be. The knotted macrame with bead embellishments can hold any plant pot.  


The best plant hangers

The best plant hangers are the ones that can be handled easily, eye-catching, and have enough space to hold any plant pot. The first thing that you must search for in a plant pot hanger is its low-maintenance.

Low-maintenance plants pots and plant wall hangers can be easily accommodated to any place and can hold different plants and plant pots. The best option for the wall hanger is the one with leather straps because it can hold plant pots with different sizes and weights.

Do you want to create a macramé yourself? You might be thinking about the best material for the macramé wall hangers. Here is the answer to your question.

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The material used for making macrame

The best material to be used in making a macramé is cotton twine, linen, leather, jute, or yarn. You can design a simple or complex macramé. It all depends on how you want it to be.

Some glass embellishments or wooden and plastic beads can also be added to give it a more fascinating look. For jewelry and other accessories, you can use pendants, shells, and different beads.


Cords used in macramé

There are different cords used in each product of macramé. If you are going to create jewelry or small decoration articles, you must use a cord with a size range from 0.5 mm to 2 mm. However, for standard macramé, you can use a 3 mm to 6 mm thick cord. 

Macramé plant hangers also serve as an excellent gift. You can show your love and care to your beloved by giving a beautifully knotted macramé plant hanger. In this way, you can also contribute to creating a healthy environment with better air quality.

(If you are interested in making a hand-made macramé set, read our article below for some awesome ideas and designs of self-made large macramé.)

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